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The Parable of the Presumptuous Doctor

A Parable to enjoy, and free book offers A few years back I needed to see an OBGYN for a procedure that my regular doctor was not able to perform. I made an appointment with a random doctor in my medical group, and went to see him for the minor procedure. Before he performed the […]

Now the Angels Sing Social Distancing Style

A Covid Christmas Tale I don’t know if you believe in angels, but I do. Of course, we all have experience with the flesh and blood kind as in, “You are such an angel,” but I also have firsthand experience with the beyond earthly kind. I have had too many unexplained miracles occur in my […]

Goats and Sheep Video Trailer

One of the challenges of trying to share my story is identifying a genre that describes my book. Is it LDS fiction, Christian fiction, or what? When I look at some of the genres it seems that this book does not really fit into the standard categories. So to try to explain what it is […]