The Parable of the Presumptuous Doctor

A Parable to enjoy, and free book offers

A few years back I needed to see an OBGYN for a procedure that my regular doctor was not able to perform. I made an appointment with a random doctor in my medical group, and went to see him for the minor procedure.

Before he performed the procedure he collected the typical doctor visit data of height, weight, blood pressure, etc, but then he also measured my waist. Seemed weird, but okay, whatever, just get the procedure done.

But before the procedure, he looked at my data and decided I needed some advice that had nothing to do with the reason for my visit. The doctor proceeded to advise me that my abdominal measurement and weight patterns pointed to some health risks, including heart disease, hypertension and cancer. He advised me against “yo-yo” dieting, and told me to lose weight around the middle. Never mind that all of my other health indicators were excellent, if I had belly fat and my weight had some fluctuation, surely I was at risk.

I looked at that doctor and was completely baffled. I wanted to say, first, I don’t yo-yo diet. And second, if you have a magical way to get rid of this belly fat let me know, because it does not seem to be going anywhere. I had cut my portions, I had adjusted my diet, I had done everything that was supposed to lead to optimal health, but the tummy would not go away. I was completely unaware of how anything this doctor told me could be at all beneficial for me. I was glad to just get the procedure over with so I could be done with that presumptuous doctor.

Many of my friends and close associates know of the 8-year battle I have had with stomach issues. Many of you know that I had to severely restrict my diet and could eat very little of what would be considered to be normal. Many of you know that the good side effect of that trial was that I was able to lose a bit of weight, and the extra tummy inches. The doctor’s visit I am referring to took place just before my tummy trials. As a matter of fact, I believe that part of my larger than normal abdomen at that time was probably an early symptom of the problem.

I have since mostly recovered from my stomach problems, but here is the irony of this story: if the doctor had used his measurements during the height of my illness, he would have found I had excellent numbers. By his metric, he would have pronounced me at a very low risk for those health risks, but I was actually much less healthy than I was when I visited him.

This incident got me thinking, how often do we look at one measure or another, and then use that to make a judgement of a person or a situation? How often are we sizing up the whole of something or someone based on small portion of the picture? For me, this incident taught me to be more vigilant in gathering more information before making snap decisions and judgements. I often think of this presumptuous doctor, and try not to make the similar presumptions in my evaluation of others.

One decision we all need to make is how we spend our time. One decision I made a couple of years ago was to spend more time reading. I have always loved to read, but it seemed that I had spent the majority of my time reading articles and smaller pieces, and I had neglected my book reading. Since that time I have begun to read books again, and I have to say, I have not been sorry. I like all types of genres so I don’t discriminate too much.

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And don’t forget, don’t judge us just by the little pieces you see. Try to get the whole picture, so you can better judge righteously, and not presumptuously.

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