The Parable of the Pee

It seemed like the reasonable plan, the sand was blazing hot, the potty was far, and between my daughter and I we had already taken three unsuccessful trips.  But when my daughter told her 2 year old to just go in her swim diaper her response was, “I don’t know how Mommy!”  It seemed strange; only a short time ago this little one regularly used her diaper, not the potty seat, but here she was now, unable to relieve herself on demand.  

“It’s okay,” we all encouraged, “you have a swim diaper on, that beach bathroom is way too far, and the sand will burn our feet.  We will get back to using the potty next time, but just this once, please use the diaper.” 

Finally, it came, she figured it out, she was able to use the swim diaper successfully.  Seemed like a win win, we didn’t have to brave the hot sand and little Abby realized she could indeed go in her swim diaper.

While the battle had been won on the beach day, as the days passed it seemed that the potty training war had experienced a setback.  When Abby and her family first arrived in town it appeared she was pretty reliable at using the potty. But after the beach day, accidents began.  At first, it seemed that she was just so busy with fun summer and cousin activities that she just plain forgot to go.  But as time went on, and we continually found little puddles around the house, it seemed a major backslide was in the process.  When my daughter quizzed Abby about it, she giggled and announced, “Ha ha, I peed!”

What had happened?  Where was the girl who such a short time ago had very few accidents?  Where was the child who just days ago told her mommy that she didn’t know how to go without a formal potty?  And now, it seemed that she was just randomly piddling on the floor like a little puppy.

Eventually, with more time and practice, and a few less distractions, Abby learned again to successfully pee in the designated place, but this experience got me thinking.  Did our encouraging her to use the swim diaper instead of taking her to the bathroom cause the backslide?  As her body became accustomed to using the potty instead of her diaper, going anywhere but in a toilet seemed not right, and she rarely had an accident.  But, with a single time of using a diaper again, her body had no trouble relieving itself again and again away from the potty.

Recently, I was pondering this incident and realized how similar this was to our attempts as mortals to learn to avoid sin.  Just as a baby comes to earth with no natural ability to avoid soiling itself and use a toilet properly, we come to this earth with no natural ability to avoid sin.  Just as a child is taught, and then learns, to use a toilet properly, we are taught right from wrong and learn to make good choices.  Little by little, as a child uses the potty correctly, their body no longer feels that it is right to pee just any old place, and their ability to hold out for the right time and place increases.  And, just as we learn right from wrong and get in good habits of making correct choices, our ability to hold out for the correct way to do things increases.

But, sometimes things go awry.  Sometimes life if hard, the sand it hot, and the bathroom is too far away.  Sometimes those voices tell us, “It’s okay, just this one time, use the diaper, no one will know if you don’t do it this week, think only of yourself just for today, skip that good habit you have acquired.  You will get right back to the better choices next time, when things are easier.” 

But then, just as Abby’s body no longer felt that it had to wait for the toilet to relieve itself, we find ourselves with a lot of exceptions, a lot of times we didn’t do the right thing, only think of ourselves and our good habit, that seemed so well formed, has just gone out the door.

By Karen Dimick

As a mother of five, a grandmother of nineteen, and a teacher for over 40 years I have been interested in writing about topics that relate to children and education for some time. During much of that time I dabbled in writing and did some work as a freelance writer, and then published my first book in 2009, Don’t Get Mad, Get Busy! A Handbook for raising terrific kids!” This blog was born of that endeavor as a way to promote my book and share my thoughts and ideas about topics I felt were important for parents, children and their education.
In 2010 I embarked in one of the most challenging teaching experiences I have ever had, short of the full time job of raising my own children; teaching early morning seminary. As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (commonly known as the Mormon Church) I am a part of a lay ministry in which we lead and teach one another. Part of our educational program for the youth of our church includes a 4 year seminary program for high school students. Here in OC, CA classes are taught at our local church buildings before school begins, beginning in our area at the unearthly time of 5:45 am. So, for 4 years I spent much of my time studying, preparing, getting up early and catching up on sleep while serving as an early morning seminary teacher. It was a wonderful, difficult, and rewarding experience, but after 4 years I was ready to have a bit of my time back. With my release from that position I had time to resurrect this blog and once again return to writing about topics that I find important to the growth and development of children.
My experience and expertise comes not only from my experiences as a parent, teacher and writer. I also hold a degree Early Childhood Education, a BA in Psychology, a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential, an Education Specialist Credential and a Master's Degree in Special Education. I currently work as a Resource Specialist and Special Education teacher working with middle school struggling readers, students who have difficulties in math as well as students with organizational and assignment completion difficulties.

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